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Free Shipping on orders $150+

Vacuum cleaners can suck up HOW much dust?!


Have you ever stopped to wonder what the single hardest working piece of cleaning gear in your home is? 

Well, besides you, of course.

Sure, things like your washing machine and dryer do an awful lot to keep your family looking and feeling fresh each day.

But the *real* undisputed world champion of home cleaning is…

Your vacuum cleaner.

Here’s why:

On average, American households generate a whooping 40 pounds of dust per year, most of which includes various bacteria… As well as human skin.

That’s pretty gross, but a great vacuum will suck all that up – and then some.

So, why not give your cleaning superhero the added boost of a trusty sidekick? 

Our newest vacuum accessories are here to help your machine run more smoothly and efficiently – in a fraction of the time.

Check it out.

A-1 Vacuum

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