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Riccar R30 Deluxe Tandem Air Upright Vacuum

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Product Information

If you want the best and aren’t willing to compromise on quality and cleaning performance, then you need to take a look at the Riccar R30.

Winner of the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Gold Seal of Approval, this vacuum features not one but two motors that work together to give you exceptional power and a deep clean across all types of floors.

A 6-level height adjustment lets you clean carpets, bare floors, hardwood, and area rugs. 

The R30D features multi-stage filtration, which will remove dust, allergens, and odors from your environment.  It includes a HEPA media filter, a charcoal filter that removes smells like pet odors, and a self-sealing vacuum bag that is again charcoal-infused to eliminate odors. 

The result is that this vacuum will trap 99.7% of allergens that are 0.3 microns or larger, allowing you and your family to breathe easier.

The vacuum is easy to use. It features an ergonomic handle with an on/off switch and built-in floor selector controls, which are at your fingertips. 

 A bag-full indicator tells you when it’s time to change the bag, and the built-in bag dock makes changing the bag a snap.

A built-in hall sensor stops the brush roll when it hits an obstruction, protecting your vacuum.  A lifetime belt means one less thing to worry about.

The R30D handles well.  It maneuvers smoothly, glides across floors, and feels solid and well-built. 

Cleaning under the bed and furniture is easy since the R30D goes flat.

The R30D features a wide power head, giving you an 11.5-inch cleaning radius.  So,  you can clean more in less time.  Its LED headlights let you see so you can see where you’re going. 

It has a telescoping wand and flexi hose, which gives it an enormous 15-foot reach. Reach up high to clean ceilings and drapes.  Reach down low to do the baseboards.  Park your R30D at the bottom of your stairs and use its 15-foot reach to clean without lugging the vacuum up and down.

The hose attaches to the bottom of the R30D, meaning you can fully extend it without tipping the vacuum over. 

When you add the R30D’s long power cord (40 feet) to this equation, you end up with a 55-foot cleaning radius—one of the longest we’ve seen. This means you will spend less time plugging this vacuum in and out as you move around your house and more time cleaning. You can look forward to finishing quicker while giving your floors an exceptional clean.

There are three onboard tools: including a dust brush with natural hair and a crevice tool. A wide variety of optional tools are also available.

Like all Riccars, the R30D is well-built and durable. Still built in Riccar’s Missouri factory, it is made out of tough ABS plastic with metal in the high-wear parts, including the bottom plate, wand, brush roll, and cord hook.

Riccar bundles a Red Carpet Service plan to protect your investment in this machine. You get two free service visits, during which trained technicians will check your machine, replace its bag and filters, and fix any non-wear issues under warranty.

To summarize, the R30 features:

  • Steel Bottom Plate
  • 12 AMPs of power
  • Quick-release metal cord hook
  • Lifetime belt with Hall Sensor protection
  • Aluminum Wand with ergonomic handle
  • Three on-board tools: dust brush with natural hair, crevice, and upholstery tool
  • Red Carpet Service Plan
  • 5 years household warranty, 90 days commercial use
  • Floor Selector switch on handle
  • Steel brush roll with replaceable brush strips
  • Rubber wheels
  • 40-foot power cord
  • Metallic Navy-Blue color

The Riccar R30D is designed for people who prioritize cleaning performance and air quality over everything else.  Its two motors combine to offer exceptional cleaning. 

There is a price to pay for this power. Commercial-grade components, two motors, and attachments add up, so the R30D is not the lightest vacuum. It weighs 22 lbs.

 There are heavier vacuums, but the R30D is not for you if a lightweight machine is your priority and most urgent need. 

Likewise, you may be better off with a stick vacuum if you want something to do frequent, light touch-ups.

The R30D’s sweet spot is those situations that call for a deep clean, superior air filtration and where an ordinary vacuum won’t do.

R30D owners tend to be people with:

  • High cleaning standards who don't want to compromise.
  • People who are looking for the best and will accept nothing less.
  • People with allergies, larger homes, families with pets
  • or places with extreme cleaning challenges

You can also find the R30Ds in commercial settings where they demand a superior and obvious clean.

If you recognize yourself in this description, or you are just looking for a vacuum that will give you a deep clean and is built to last, you should consider the Riccar R30D.

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