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Cordless, portable, bagged stick vacuum

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Product Information

Introducing the Henry Quick.  A brand-new stick vacuum with some fantastic features that won’t break the bank.  And what’s more, it comes with a happy, smiling face! 

Stick vacuums are a popular choice these days.  You can find them in many homes. Lightweight and portable, they are great for those quick clean jobs when you don’t want to drag your heavy vacuum out. 

But they do come with some drawbacks.  Cost is one.  High-quality stick vacuums with advanced features come with a hefty price tag. At the same time, cheaper models are less efficient.

Another issue is the runtimes of many stick vacuums.  Short battery life can cause your stick to die on you while you're in a cleaning session, which can be frustrating.

Stopping and recharging your stick interrupts your cleaning flow and can make the chore more time-consuming than necessary. This limitation can be a big problem for those with larger homes, pets, or other extensive cleaning needs.

Limited dirt capacity is yet another Achilles' heel of many stick vacuums. With smaller dustbins or dirt compartments, these vacuums require frequent emptying, disrupting your cleaning rhythm.  Additionally, when you finally do empty them, there's a risk of releasing dust and allergens back into your home environment, defeating the purpose of cleaning in the first place. This can be a significant drawback for allergy sufferers, people with pets, or those seeking a more hygienic cleaning solution. 

The new Henry Quick solves these problems.  With an impressive 60-minute runtime, a spacious 1-liter dirt capacity, and a state-of-the-art bag or Pod system that captures every speck of dust and debris, this stick vacuum is designed to make your life easier and your floors spotless.

The Henry gives you up to 60 minutes of cleaning per battery charge.  Please note your time will vary depending on the flooring type and what setting you’re running the stick on.  But you should be able to handle your cleaning needs with one charge.

But that's not all – the Henry Quick’s generous 1-liter dirt capacity means you can clean more and empty less. Say goodbye to constantly stopping to empty the dustbin and hello to uninterrupted cleaning. With its larger capacity, you'll have fewer interruptions, making cleaning your home a breeze.

The ingenious bag or Pod system truly sets the Henry Quick apart. Its advanced technology captures dirt efficiently and ensures that it stays securely contained until you're ready to dispose of it.  No more clouds of dust or messes when emptying the vacuum. Just snap out the bag or Pod, dispose of it, and snap in a fresh one – it's that simple!

The Henry feels sturdy but is lightweight and versatile.  Use it as a handheld or stick, depending on the job.

The Henry Quick comes with:

  • Dust-Free Emptying
    No more mess with one-click, dust-free emptying. The Quick includes 6 Pods free as standard.
  • Cleans All Flooring Types
    A motorized power head allows you to clean carpet, hard floors, and areas rugs with ease.
  • Tools Included
    A crevice tool and 2-in-1 Combo tool allow you to tackle any cleaning job.
  • Easy Storage
    A wall mount is included to easily store the Henry Quick when it’s not in use.
  • Bigger Capacity
    Powerful airflow compacts dust for more capacity than other leading vacuums.
  • Powerful Cleaning
    Pop in a pod for factory-fresh performance and powerful suction, time after time.
  • Lightweight & Versatile
    Lightweight, slimline, and ergonomic for user convenience and easy transportation
  • Cordless Performance
    Detachable, 25.2V lithium-ion battery is simple to swap, charge, and replace.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Henry Pods are climate-positive and made from recycled material. The manufacturer of Henry uses carbon offsetting on all of their pods globally, reducing their impact on the planet. Also, the Henry Pods are made from up to 65% recycled materials.
  • A Year’s Supply of Pods Free
    When you get your Henry Quick, it comes with your first year’s supply of pods

From its happy, smiling face to its Pods, the Henry Quick is unlike other stick vacuums.  And it comes at a price that other leading brands can’t match.

So, elevate your cleaning routine and enjoy the benefits of longer runtime, larger capacity, and hassle-free dirt disposal.  Experience a cleaner, more convenient way to keep your home looking its best.  Get your Henry Quick today!

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