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Free Shipping on orders $150+

Fresh Start, Inc. Location: your house



Here at A1-Vacuum headquarters, we’re all about embracing the changing of the seasons with fresh new scents designed to make your space feel…well, like home!


But before you go switching out your warm winter candles for refreshing spring aromas, there’s just one thing you’ll need to do first…


…Clear the air.


You see, the new seasons don’t just bring a chance to freshen up your space.


They come with their own airborne allergens and potentially harmful pollutants that can wreak havoc on your family's sinuses.


So, why not get one step ahead of the seasonal sniffles with an innovative air purification system?


Each one is designed to make the air in your home as fresh as a pillow with a mint on it, regardless of the season!


We took the liberty of picking these out just for you.


A-1 Vacuum

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