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Clean Your Home Faster With Those Simple Hacks!

It’s Friday, and, finally, you are about to enjoy your free time, relax and...spend the next days
cleaning and doing housework: oh no!

We all love a bright, clean, shining house, but let’s be honest, time flies.
Living in a tidy, neat environment is a primary need and, in some circumstances, housework
is overwhelming, stopping us from enjoying our free time.

On top of it, despite looking like a “simple” task, cleaning, tidying up, mopping, dusting, etc.,
we need a good amount of knowledge to maximize the effort, saving time for ourselves and
loved ones.

Here are a few hacks to clean our home fast, effectively and easily!

Let the vacuum do it for you

  • Vacuums have great tools to effectively clean most surfaces in our houses.
  • Yes, they are amazing for floors, but you can use them on furniture, sofas,
    mattresses, narrow spots and much more 
    mattresses, narrow spots and much more, thanks to their attachments.

Clean room-by-room

  • This is a very common mistake that makes us waste a lot of time!
  • Once you know which rooms you should clean first (toilette and kitchen are a MUST), you should make sure to finish the job before starting in another room.
  • This way, you can effectively clean the most important rooms without being interrupted or worn out.
  • Go room-by-room, not task-by-task, and you’ll see your house shining faster!

Start at the top

  • Make sure to move dirt down then out!
  • Start with ceilings, lights, walls...then furniture, beds etc: all the dirt falls on low surfaces and floors, so clean them at the end of it all!

Keep in mind those three simple hacks to clean your house faster and more effectively!

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